Joy of Clicking

Basics of Photography for Parents
Live Webinar
Date: 18th April 2020
Time: 1600 Hrs
Duration : 90 mins (20 mins Q&A session)
Cost: €99
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Neha Mangat Photography brings to you live webinar on basic photography lessons for parents. This course is designed to help you learn how to take beautiful, light-filled photos that capture the moments and memories you’ve always wanted of your kids and family.

This is a short course to help you feel confident about your camera, and know exactly how all the settings work together to help you take gorgeous pictures of everyday adventures

Is this something you were postponing for long? We all have dreams and passion but our mundane life doesn’t allow us enough time to follow them all. This is the perfect time while we are in quarantine. Let’s learn and flaunt your photography skills over social media.

After this session, you’ll be good at:
  • Photography fundamentals
  • How to move from Auto to Manual mode
  • Composition and rule of third’s
  • How to make the best use of light - indoor and outdoor
  • Involving your kids while you click
  • 20 mins Q/A round
  • Access to NMP community for continuous learning
You bought the fancy DSLR & you're not sure how to use it yet?

Photography isn’t confusing or overwhelming if you know the technique and understand the basics. This course is a small investment to help you learn the fundamentals and right settings to use to get pro-looking photos that you'll be proud to frame and share on social media.

Did you ever miss precious moments because you fumbled over the settings, or ended up with blurry & too dark photos?

All you need is a little help to understand the light, framing, perspective, focus, and settings. And little tweaks to freeze that vibrant moment. I will help you recognize good light and where can you find it.

How to click a picture of my baby who doesn’t like to be clicked?

Most common of all! My proven formula, working with kids for so many years, will help you transform your approach. I call it the ability to 'see' something we seem to grow out.

Do you think a webinar is not enough?

Upon registration, you will be welcomed to the NMP community (FB group) which is where you will continue to learn and grow. I will post challenges, you can practice, get the answer to your future queries, participate in discussions and share your clicks with the community. Together we grow and have fun. I will provide feedback when and where necessary or asked.

Will I also learn how to edit like a pro?

This webinar will be focused on improving your photography skills. I will conduct another session that will focus on photo editing tools and share my own presets to make it easier for you.

What if I like to revisit material at later date?

You will be given recording of the webinar and handouts.